♥ my love ♥

They said we are here on earth for a mission and I used to think what mine was. When I got my baby, that was when I realized I was here because I would be her mom – the one who will love her, will nurture and raise her, will guide and protect her.  

My life had no direction back then, but after she was born, all I’ve done, does and will do will all be for her. We don’t need a lot of money, we don’t need to be rich, but I will surely do everything, will work hard and will sacrifice my own life just for her to have a bright future. 

For myself, I just want to be healthy, be strong in mind and body and live a long life so that I can do all of these things. This is what I always pray to God.  

Life is very precious. As precious as my baby. She’s my life now. She’s my reason for living. She’s everything to me. 


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