Museo Pambata

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I learned about this museum just last year, planned to visit in December, but wasn’t able to do so because of Christmas parties, events, and other activities at school and work. Now that my Sundays are free, me and my daughter Sab visited this place on February 1st. We’re near the area but I don’t know the exact place so we just walked from UN Ave Station to Roxas Boulevard. It’s a little tiring but she did not complain because she’s too excited. Since it’s a Sunday and we’re Manila residents, we only paid a total of P150. (Not being stingy, but I’m on a tight budget so the discount is good hehe). The building structure is a bit old, (I think most of it is still made of wood) but it’s very clean inside, especially the restrooms.

First stop is the Old Manila (Maynila Noon) where the Spanish Galleon is located as well as the tranvia (electric street tram used in the early 1900s…

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